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This photo looks up Tynron Glen, with the old smithy at Parkhouse in the foreground and Stenhouse behind.

It’s taken seventeen years, but I’m putting Tynron Glen on a website for anyone to view.  The original 1996 second edition is what will appear here.  I shall be adding extra photos and comments at the end.  To think that I did all this originally without the internet and with only basic word processing facilities.

If you want to see a decent-sized version of a map or diagram, click on it.

I am very happy for anyone to copy or use anything from my book.

Tynron Glen is also on the web at tynronglen.info and oocities.org/tynron.

John Shaw  March 23rd 2013


  1. Thanks for the link. Nice to see the info (especially the maps) on the web. I think I may still have a copy of your original Amiga printout.
    Great job, John.

  2. Fascinating website which I have stumbled across again.

    In the middle 1960s my brother and I lived in the old school house “Morganstone” subsequently remained “Glendow” with my grandparents Muriel and Jock jackson following the death our mother. i still go back to Thornhill 3/4 times a year to visit an aged uncle but sadly the family connection and roots are fast dying out. So many happy childhood memories of sitting on the pebble beach where the Shinnel flows past the back of the house, catching my first brown trout (and having it for breakfast the next morning) and catching lizards in the summer on the dry stane walls. i also remember the road being tarmaced for the first time and he visiting grocers vans.

    • Dear Colin,

      Thanks for your comments. I had no idea that Glendow was once Morganstone.
      Sorry it has taken a few days to get back to you.

      Best wishes

  3. Hi
    Just found this site, will make my way through it (and is your book still available BTW).
    I was born at Foggie Hall, Tynron 0n the 11th Oct 1943, My father also William would have been shortly demobbed from the RAF at the time, I have been told I was delivered in Foggie Hall (spelling) by my Grandmother Maggie Waugh nee Welsh or Walsh my Grandad was Robert Ferguson Waugh.
    I’ve held an interest about Tynron all my life and have visited several times but never could find “Foggie Hall, often walked across from Moniaive when visiting my Gran.
    another name my mother used to talk about was “Willie Wilson” who I think was a shop keeper or maybe postmaster in Tynron at the time of my birth, we left Foggie Hall and moved to Knowhead the Rue near Auldgirth farmed then by John Dalzeil , I was about three then,
    We have a certificate/proclamation that was given to my farther for service during the war by Tynron Parish (I think)

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